Manufacturing Process-Specific Software

Manufacturing ERP Software that Offers Superior Control, Regardless of the Process

We cover all the manufacturing segments such as plastic, polymers, rubber, silicone, PVC, foam, steel, aluminum, gold or any other material and have the manufacturing process-specific tools to help your company succeed.

Other software is very generic which does not allow them to adopt the whole process of the company and needs to be changed or customized every time the process changes. But when it comes to DELMIAworks, the solution is very flexible enough to support the change in processes without any effort. We don’t settle for the cookie-cutter approach – We offer an ERP system that is built with your unique process in mind.

Masters of Manufacturing Processes

We offer solutions that match your unique business process is in our DNA. Whether you subscribe to a singularly specific manufacturing process, or have a multi-layered or multi-process application, DELMIAworks offers the tools you need to succeed. Some of the many types of processes we support include:

      • Assembly
      • Blow Moulding
      • Die Casting
      • Extrusion
      • Fabrication
      • Injection Moulding
      • Machining
      • Master Batching
      • Rotational Moulding
      • Stamping
      • Thermoforming
      • Thermoset
      • Welding

DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) is one of the few ERP companies that engages in a two-way, ongoing dialogue with our customers to give them the specific tools they need to realize tangible benefits. Some of the many process-specific options that DELMIAworks offers include:

Multi-Level, Process-Specific Bills of Material: Unlimited, pre-defined, BOMs meet the unique needs of your manufacturing processes and reflect critical interdependencies for accurate scheduling and planning.

Complex Manufacturing:The complex manufacturing type simplifies the scheduling process where multiple work orders are involved in producing a product, and the various operations are performed on multiple work centers that make up a complex line.

Flexible Units of Measure:When you are storing in feet, producing in rolls and purchasing in pounds, constantly changing units of measure can get complicated. DELMIAworks offers flexible units of measure with automatic built-in conversions so your quantity is accurate every time.

Kitting:Allows configurations where multiple items are ordered and shipped together as a kit. When a kit is entered on the sales order the system will create requirements for the components as well.

Material Usage & Consumption Features: Add and consume raw materials for accurate inventory control. Based on your operation, tools include scrap rates, regrind usage, remelt, waste, purge, preforms, skeleton, parison/flash and runner/sprue options for material consumption.

Multi-Tool & Family Tool Functionality: Family tooling is easily supported and the system is designed to understand multiple part numbers within the same physical tool.

Production Flexibility: Produce parts by shot weight, part weight, part length, eaches or in batches for accurate tracking.

RealTime™ Production Monitoring System: Take shop floor control to a new level with real-time production monitoring that automatically tracks production efficiency (such as total parts created, rejects, production time, downtime and parts remaining) and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) directly from your work centers and updates production schedules and inventory instantaneously.

Shelf Life Management:Take a proactive role in tracking and moving inventory with characteristics that limit shelf life. Once the shelf life has expired, the inventory is automatically identified as non-conforming and electronic alerts are sent out.