The About You Page

Arisoft takes square aim at solving the toughest business growth challenges by offering tailored services and solutions in Manufacturing, ERP, Mobile, Digital and Data Analytics.

Our feature rich portfolio is designed to provide your business with a BEST FIT (not a MUST FIT) approach.


Laser Focus

Productivity and Optimization

If profitability is about squeezing every cent out of a dollar then productivity is about getting the most product from every minute. Whether you're a small manufacturing business or a large enterprise we have helped dozens of companies achieve new levels of productivity by integrating best in class solutions with your existing processes.

Visibility First

You can't fix what you can't see

Build your Supply Chain Tower. Boost performance and democratize the supply chain by making information easily accessible by each participant and every stakeholder of the process including your customers.


We thrive when you thrive

We take square aim at delivering long term value and long lasting performance to your business. Our impetus is to nurture long-term gains and even longer lasting relationships.

Global Reach

With Local Insights

With offices in 3 continents and customers in more than 10 countries, we leverage our global reach, insights and collaboration to deliver benefits to your business at the local level.

Best People

It's all about the People

Attracting and developing the best talent for our business is the core of our operation. Our team is comprised of industry experts with more years in the business than they care to admit.

Integrity & Trust

Honesty Goes a Long Way

We firmly believe that long term relationships in this business are built on trust and an unyielding code of ethics.


We are proud and humbled to have worked with the following companies.


Imtiaz Lodhi


Foundational Experience. Imtiaz is the Founder of Arisoft. With an age revealing 20+ years of industry experience in ERP, Manufacturing and large scale Program Management, Imtiaz has perpetually sought to deliver an efficiency edge to every single one of our customers.

Rob Wiersma

SVP - Operations

Rob brings over 25 years of hands-on experience and resolute excellence in the demystification of complexity and proudly wages war on business process inefficiencies. Our ERP hero, Rob brings an absolutely vast tapestry of knowledge and skill to Arisoft having worked for a number of class leading ERP vendors and ERP customers alike.

Stephane Dubuc

VP Sales

1 Part Sales Executive with 18+ years of experience, 1 Part Customer Growth Strategist, 3 Parts Unrelenting Aftersales Support Guy. Stephane is a man with too many parts. He's also Arisoft's most experienced account executive with countless years of deep industry ERP knowledge having worked for and with the biggest names in the like Contax, Oracle and SAP.

Khashayar Zadafshar

ERP Evangelist

Khash brings more years of ERP implementation, project management and analysis experience than he cares to openly admit. We will let you in on a secret that it's more than 18 and less than 100.