ERP Software For Contract Manufacturing Companies & other Multi-Process Manufacturers

We cover all the manufacturing segments such as plastic, polymers, rubber, silicone, PVC, foam, steel, aluminium and have the manufacturing process-specific tools to help your company succeed and achieve overall efficiency.

IQMS delivers innovative manufacturing ERP software solutions that helps contract, multi-process and jobshop manufacturing companies stay lean, agile and competitive. We streamline processes across any and all types of manufacturing and jobshop environments, whether built-to-order or built-to-stock supply chain models.

IQMS provides a complete manufacturing software and MES solution with all the tools necessary to schedule, manage, monitor and track your production and inventory, whether operating one facility or multiple plants. It acts as a comprehensive system, delivering crucial integration between the ERP software and your shop floor for enterprise-wide visibility and instant, proactive decision making based on your actual total production picture.

IQMS sales and distribution modules allow instant response to client inquiries for superior customer service. Easily access complete sales order status, history and tracking, including links to common shippers, as well as critical inventory availability and capable to promise details. Pricing for part number cross reference, commissions and commodities are readily handled with complete real-time information at your fingertips.

Make financial management easy and flexible by providing seamless access to data from sales, distribution and manufacturing. Intuitive drill-down capabilities allow quick and accurate data analysis, including detailed standard and actual costing, and conforms to all generally accepted accounting principles and supports multiple companies, profit centers and currencies.

IQMS plays a key role in preventing fragmented supply chains by ensuring efficient electronic communication and workflow approval, streamlined production, transparent inventory control, accurate labeling and shipping and by meeting the dynamic needs of customers and suppliers through personalized portals.