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Improve Shop Floor Visibility


Responsiveness to Customer Demands with Enterprise MES Software

Provide Plant Floor Visibility Lacking in Your ERP System

Integrate Your Existing ERP with DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) MES to Improve Shop Floor Visibility and Responsiveness to Customer Demands

Most large enterprises and Fortune 1000 companies have a corporate ERP system — such as SAP, JDE or Oracle — already in place for managing business operations, including sales orders. However, most corporate ERP systems are not integrated with the production floor, causing discrepancies between planned versus actual production, underutilized capacity, and higher manufacturing costs. This is where Manufacturing Execution System (MES) comes in to play.

Selecting an MES System to Provide Plant Floor Visibility Lacking in Your ERP System
Most corporate divisions have the freedom to select an MES solution, to provide the plant floor visibility that their ERP system lacks. The key is to find a solution that is specific to your industry processes while providing a streamlined ERP-MES integration. Through a robust integration layer, DELMIAWorks maps data from your ERP system to MES, enabling smooth real-time data flow between the two systems.

Integrate Your Corporate ERP with DELMIAWorks MES

Companies around the globe are turning to DELMIAWorks (formerly IQMS) to provide the MES functionality that is missing from their corporate ERP systems.


What are some of the saving manufacturing companies utilizing DELMIAWorks MES typically see?

% Decrease in Rejects
% Increase in Finished Goods turns
% Reduction in Maintenance Costs
% Machine Downtime Savings
Hours Saved Per Week on Scheduling
% Accuracy is a Reality
MES That Can Back These Claims
When the rubber hits the integration

Real-time bi-directional communication to optimize plant operations

Benefits of Integrating with the DELMIAWorks MES Software

By integrating your ERP with DELMIAWorks MES, your facility achieves real-time bi-directional communication to optimize plant operations, including:

Holistic Views

True holistic views of supply chain management and manufacturing planning

Timely data and reports for all functions, including finance, quality and operations


Visibility and transparency for better decision making and forecasting

Real- time metrics on sales orders, including consumption, availability and work in progress

Improved cycle times

Real-time notification of sub-standard performance

Decrease product lead time with robust scheduling

Improved Inventory Control

Eliminate overstocking of raw materials

Reduce inventory levels while increasing inventory turns

Less Downtime

Reduced downtime while increasing work center productivity

Immediate reactions to changes on the shop floor

Creation of optimal schedules

Scheduling for production cell changeover

Real-time production level status updates

Real-time scrap levels

Improved quality

Reduce production errors with real-time machine monitoring

Decreased rejection due to real-time notification of process variances, shifts and trends

Automatic capturing and recording of process data

Compliance with regulatory and government agencies

Improved auditing in less time

Achieve Supply Chain Bliss

With true holistic views of supply chain management and manufacturing planning