Managing Merged Manufacturing Operations

Revere Packaging invests in IQMS/DELMIAWORKS manufacturing ERP software to optimize production, scheduling, and profitability of its eco-friendly products

The history of Revere Packaging Holdings, LLC is almost as old as the United States of America, tracing back to the founding of Revere Copper & Brass by Paul Revere in 1801, six years after his famous ride to warn of approaching British soldiers.

Today, Revere Packaging is a leading food packaging company and preferred supplier of the highest quality, recyclable aluminum foil containers, custom plastic containers, and thermoform plastic to the food industry across North America. With $40 million in annual revenues and 150 employees, the company operates four manufacturing facilities in Shelbyville, KY where it is headquartered; Sacramento, CA; and Kapolei, HI.

Enabling Continuous Improvement Across Facilities

Revere Packaging reached its current size after acquiring Plastic Package, LLC in 2017, creating an entity with more than double the size of sales, employees, and manufacturing capacity. The deal positioned the company to provide to shorter lead times, faster delivery, and the availability of a broader product mix for customers.

At the same time, the merger of two manufacturers running under different systems hindered the ability to set up the processes required to track production performance in all locations. The Revere Packaging management team realized it was time to invest in a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that would provide visibility across all of its operations.

“Our primary objective is getting our arms around our manufacturing efficiencies to obtain a clearer understanding of our opportunities for continuous improvement,” explains Mike Miller, CEO of Revere Packaging, LLC. “We need to be able to see our manufacturing performance in ‘real time’ to remain competitive in our market.”

Revere Packaging conducted an extensive review of four systems tailored for mid-sized manufacturers, which led the company to select IQMS (now DELMIAWORKS, part of the Dassault Systèmes family) over the other solutions evaluated: Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Sage.

“We decided on IQMS/DELMIAWORKS because it offered the full array of programs we were looking for to manage our manufacturing business on a day-to day-basis,” Miller recalled. “We also received exceptionally good feedback from manufacturers already utilizing IQMS that the system delivers.”

Supporting Cost-Effective Sustainable Manufacturing

A priority for Revere Packaging is balancing superior products and customer service with its commitment to serving the environmental needs of current and future generations. To reduce its ecological footprint, the company purchases recycled raw materials and produces fully-recyclable plastic and aluminum packaging.

In deploying IQMS/DELMIAWORKS manufacturing ERP software, Revere Packaging aims to gain a better understanding of costing versus the sell price of its eco-friendly products, improve overall production performance, and optimize its ability to schedule production more efficiently across its four facilities.

“We are just in the initial stage of implementing our new ERP system,” Miller notes. “However, based on the support we’re receiving from the IQMS/DELMIAWORKS team, we are confident that this will be a success and take our company to a whole new level of performance.”

About Revere Packaging Holdings, LLC

Revere, founded in 1801, provides customers with a creative and innovative source of recyclable plastic and aluminum food packaging solutions delivering customization, flexibility and exceptional speed-to-market products. Revere is certified in food safety by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI). For more information, please visit or follow @ReverePackaging on Twitter.