Food ERP & Food Manufacturing Software

The food and beverage industry is one of the biggest industries with ever-changing demands and challenges such as food safety regulations, ingredient traceability, seasonal demand forecasting, globalization, margin squeeze, neck to neck competition, etc. To survive one needs to constantly come up with new products of superior quality that cater to today’s market demands while ensuring compliance with the stringent food safety regulations.

With our ERP and MES software you can easily :-

      • Reduce costs associated with ingredient spoilage and lot expirations
      • Simplify and automate customer and industry audits
      • Manage inventory, ingredient and production resource availability ensure customer delivery dates are met

Food & Beverage Manufacturing ERP Software is Your Secret Ingredient to Success

Our software i.e. ERP and MES will cover every aspect of your business starting from human resource and financial management to warehouse control and quality assurance, which are completely connected.

Key highlights of our software include:

      • Recipe flexibility with batch processing capabilities and industry-specific BOMs that assist reformulation
      • Multiple UOMs supported (volume, weight, pounds, cases, etc.)
      • Individual and multi-plant seasonal demand forecasting
      • Batch, lot and serial number traceability from receiving through shipping
      • Private labelling functionality
      • Robust scheduling engine to handle volume scheduling, advanced sequencing, wait times and other complex scheduling requirements
      • Quality and compliance reporting

Food ERP to Conquer Industry Regulations

      • With various food safety regulations coming up including FDA, FSMA  and PTI to the Bio-Terrorism Act, GFSI, HACCP, and SQF. Our software is fully equipped with the tools which will help you cross all the huddles easily
      • Complete, two-way lot traceability (from the fields to the grocery store shelves and back) for a transparent and accurate supply chain, including raw material purchasing and quick recall identification
      • Expiration, spoilage and shelf-life tracking using first-expire, first-out (FEFO) logic to minimize waste and optimize your inventory
      • Robust labelling options to avoid costly mislabelling errors and regulatory fines