Flavour Art

Flavour Art is a leading manufacturer & distributor of synthetic flavouring and e-cig liquid.

Client: Flavour Art
Services: IQMS
Industry: Food Flavouring & E-Cigarette
Location: Beamsville, ON

What do we do?

Flavour Art is a leading manufacturer & distributor of synthetic flavouring, here in Beamsville, On.  We specialize in manufacturing super concentrates, dilution, blending, and distribution to all of North America. Previous to having our own manufacturing ERP we were simply a distributor of these super concentrates and flavourings. We would import product from our manufacturer in Italy and distribute here in North America.

Previous to purchasing IQMS ERP, what system(s) did you use to manage your manufacturing operation?

We were using Quickbooks Enterprise to manage our entire business,. Unfortunately Quickbooks Enterprise was not robust in functionality (limited to inventory management, and not able to do our complex manufacturing needs), not easy to scale our business, or powerful enough to simplify our current manual tasks. The business was very much limited to being a reseller of products and not a manufacturer. Since this was hindering our business we needed to implement a manufacturing ERP to become a proper manufacturer and begin to manage our own supply chain from the beginning to the end.

“Unfortunately Quickbooks Enterprise was not robust in functionality …”

What problem/challenges were you trying to solve?

Experienced many of the limitations with QuickBooks Enterprise, mainly surrounding supply chain issues as we were not able to hold and maintain inventory for all of our orders; the demand was simply too much for our supply from the manufacturers, and we were turning down orders. We needed to quickly pivot from a synthetic flavour reseller to a producer so we can control the entire manufacturing to distributor flow to meet the demand for our clients, this caused it’s own set of problems around creating our manufacturing process from raw material to finalized product being delivered to our clients. 

How did Arisoft address the challenges you mentioned above? What specific solutions did Arisoft bring to you?

By implementing IQMS through Arisoft we were quickly able to pivot our business, save time with accurate sales and manufacturing forecasting and focus on our business. When you re-platform to any new ERP system you face several challenges: Training all employees, training floor staff is very important. Flavour Art was a small team, we were able to train internal champions and  teach/learn each other. One of the challenges we faced was in regards to inventory management and too many hands making a lot of changes in real time. Withe the help of Arisoft and our Solutions Engineers we were able to build out better business processes to ensure accuracy of the data. We are now much better at delegating tasks and business processes, setting custom roles for all of our employees, planning and implementing WMS this year and more. The most surprising thing about using IQMS has been how easy the entire process has been as we scratch the surface of the many different things IQMS can do, we are constantly learning new things everyday with the system.

“Arisoft and IQMS stood above the rest….”

Why have you chosen Arisoft as your business partner? 

We have chosen Arisoft because from the beginning of our consultation for a new platform Arisoft and IQMS stood above the rest. Our director of finance had heard great things about 3-4 different ERP systems that we originally qualified, we originally had a preference for a well known competitor ERP system as that was the ERP in our suppliers’ warehouse in Italy, however we qualified and figured IQMS suited our needs better. Some of our qualifications were building robust reporting structures for all teams, being able to track and automate manual processes and not wasting time tracking and forecasting data, accounting, distribution network, and inventory management.

Rank the top three benefits, features, and advantages your company has realized as an Arisoft customer.

Scalability and constant discovery of new features, being able to collaborate with knowledgeable staff at Arisoft whenever we have new challenges, and finally having many ways to access the data we are looking for.